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Over the Rainbow

We are so appreciative for the support, donations, and sponsorships from many long-time and new friends of Saffyre Sanctuary!  The continued success and operation of our rescue is dependent upon those who believe in and support our mission. As a 100% volunteer organization, we have no paid staff or board members, and all of us donate our time assisting with feeding, cleaning, training, special projects, and fundraising events.  Through your in-kind donation of "items" needed, our operating expenses can be minimized and monetary donations can go directly toward our horses' care and maintenance, such as feed, farrier, and veterinary care.  We always accept donations of major items, such as cars, horse trailers, farm equipment, and office equipment that can be used or sold by us to benefit the horses.


You can click on the highlighted items for more information.  Thank you!

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Gifts in Kind for the Horses



Gifts in Kind for the Organization


  • Land - dreaming of 20 or more flat useable acres in Los Angeles or Ventura County, California

  • Barn - funding for our 30 stall barn designed by Blackburn Greenbarns

  • EuroXciser - the safest way to exercise horses in rehabilitation

  • Fencing - funding for Centaur Hot Rail Electric HTP Fencing

  • Horse Trailer - a two horse bumper pull would help us save on transportation costs

  • Truck - GMC Sierra 3500 or equivalent, for long distance hauling needs

  • Golf Cart - a necessity for moving heavy items or people

  • Muck Carts (2) - a must for every horse facility

  • Tractor - hydrogen or electric, better for the environment while handling multiple tasks

  • Utility Vehicles (2) - electric, necessary for everyday chores

  • Ranch Equipment - muck buckets, pasture vacuum, rakes, shovels, brooms, etc.

  • Office Supplies - laser jet paper, printer ink, manila file folders, labels, etc.


Other Needs and Ways to Help


  • Grant Writer - someone willing to donate their time to assist us in obtaining funding

  • Volunteers - we need committed individuals wanting to help feed, clean, and groom horses

  • Gift Cards/Gift Certificates - below are links to the places we frequent most:

  • East Valley Feed & Tack - hay / feed / supplies

  • Ralphs - carrots / supplies

  • Smart & Final - carrots / apple cider vinegar

  • - general equine supplies

  • - equine supplies / medications

  • Home Depot - general farm supplies

  • Office Depot - office supplies




  • Southern California Property Acquisition - $2,500,000

  • New Septic Installation - $50,000

  • New Well Installation - $50,000

  • Solar and Lighting Installation - $50,000

  • Office Repairs / Remodel - $25,000

  • Residence Reconstruction - $75,000

  • Pasture Fencing (10 areas) - $20,000 each

  • Pasture Reseeding / Irrigation - $7,500

  • Barn Construction (30 stalls) - $10,000 each

  • Run In Shelters (5) - $5,000 each

  • Equine Playground / Training Area - $50,000

  • Laundry Room - $25,000

  • EuroXciser - $25,000

  • Signage / Placards - $2,500

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