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About Us / Mission Statement

Esta and Caleyndar by Robin Constable Hansen

Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc. was incorporated in June 2009 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, TIN #27-0333811, and has been certified by the IRS as a tax-exempt charity.  All donations made to Saffyre Sanctuary are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.




Saffyre Sanctuary is a rescue and rehabilitation program that cares for horses that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.  By allowing them to rediscover their true nature, we provide every opportunity for them to experience a happy, peaceful life in an adoptive home, or offer them a well deserved retirement due to soundness issues, age, or owner hardships. 


Saffyre Sanctuary assists homeless horses in finding their forever person.  Through our programs and networks, we successfully place them in loving homes that give them a new lease on life, finding places where they can live in peace and comfort,

and/or serve as companion equines.


Saffyre Sanctuary specializes in rescuing horses that would have no other chance of being saved.  These horses are ones that have behavior issues, or are in need of a lengthy recovery and complex rehabilitation procedures.  Our focus on quality, not quantity, enables us to give our sanctuary horses in our custody the best chance of complete physical, mental, and emotional recovery.

The Saffyre Sanctuary philosophy on animal rights is not only about doing what is right for the animal and liberating them from circumstances that are detrimental to their physical, mental, and emotional well being, but also includes their right to choose. As they are individuals, we feel they should be given the ability and freedom to decide what makes them happy, and encourage them to be free thinkers.  They are our equals, and we allow them to choose the kind of life that they desire.


Although Saffyre Sanctuary is an all-breed rescue, we have a special place in our hearts to the plight and distinctive needs of the Arabian breed.  We are one of very few rescue organizations that works with Arabians, and maintains a following of Arabian enthusiasts who are familiar with their unique disposition.  If you are looking to add an Arabian to your home, please consider adopting or fostering one of our loving horses.


Our unique approach of equine care specializes in holistic nutrition, holistic rehabilitation, environmentally friendly equine housing, and green facility management.

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