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Saffyre Sanctuary Sunset with Prince by Eva Knoke
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Thank you for booking our Airbnb Experience

Play with Rescued Horses!

Upon arrival, please check in with your host.  To comply with our insurance requirements, please complete this form and click "Send".

Your information is completely confidential.


Confirmation of your form submission will be sent to your email.  Please make sure the email that you entered is correct. This page will automatically reset.

If you have booked our Airbnb experience for our Santa Barbara location, please complete this form, and use the contact and location information sent in your Airbnb welcome message. 

Have a great time and thank you

for your support!


Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc.

P.O. Box 921708

Sylmar, California 91392-1708


Contact Your Los Angeles Airbnb Experience Host


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