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Our Dream Facility

California Ranch.jpg

The ultimate goal for our sanctuary is the acquisition and construction of an entirely "green" rescue, rehabilitation, and retreat center.  Our vision includes a thirty-stall barn on a minimum of ten acres, which is run entirely on solar and wind power.  Water purification, reclamation, and composting systems will be implemented.  


Included in this vision is a place where rescued horses have access to state-of-the-art rehabilitation amenities and a sacred space where people can enjoy metaphysical events such as sound baths, meditations, and other spiritual workshops and retreats.  We will be a model for other equine rescue facilities that are concerned about their impact on the environment.


Until our dream becomes reality, we are temporarily located at a place that allows us to use a portion of their facility to help our horses.  This alliance allows us to carry out our mission and ensures that our horses, volunteers, and customers enjoy a peaceful, loving environment.

Please click below for a map and directions.  Thank you!

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