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Retirement Program

Hoofbeats in Heaven

For whatever reasons, there comes a time for equine retirement of well-loved horses. Horse retirement is more than being "put out to pasture" and simply being ignored. Our retirement program ensures that your horse's last years will continue in peace and luxury accompanied by excellent care in the company of other retired horses.


Our compassionately operated, safe, and secure environment provides loving care to every horse accepted for retirement. Retired horses are carefully introduced into small groups of other retired horses after a suitable quarantine period. We place great emphasis on caring for injured horses, elder horses, and retired horses that need more than just careful pasturing and watchful surveillance. 


Our experienced and compassionate staff provides love and care for retired horses 24 hours a day, for both pastured horses and those needing care in stalls.


Retirement Policy


  • All horses accepted into the retirement program must be donated to Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc.  


  • You will receive a tax deduction for the donation of your horse and the cost of annual care.


  • Retirement costs are paid in advance annually. A trust account must be in place that covers the annual expense of retirement for the total estimated period that the horse will live out its years at our sanctuary.


  • Retired horses will never be adopted or fostered. If suitable, they may participate in our educational programs.


Our Services


Our pricing is designed to provide comprehensive, quality care.


Pricing is inclusive of all care, including feed, bedding, farrier services, dental care, routine veterinary care, and de-worming. 


Specialized diets are provided for each horse's individual needs.


Stalls with in and out access, equipped with monitoring cameras and personal webcams, allowing you to see your horse anytime from anywhere.


Pastures with run-in shelters, also equipped with monitoring cameras and webcams.


We have years of experience and knowledge to properly recognize and address various horse health and soundness issues.



$15,000.00 / year - Pasture with run-in shelters in a closed herd environment.


$18,000.00 / year - Private pasture with run-in shelter (ideal for stallions).


$25,000.00 / year - Stall with in and out access, daily pasture turn out in herd environment.


$30,000.00 / year - Stall with in and out access, daily pasture turnout in private pasture.


Please call us to make retirement arrangements for your beloved horse!

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