What makes Saffyre Sanctuary's educational experiences so special, is the method by which we conduct our programs.  Our highly individualized approach to equine learning, self-awareness, and oneness, can only be described as an overall spiritual awakening that is unique to each person which MUST be experienced first hand.


We offer these programs as alternative healing methods to people of all ages, including those with medical or emotional issues that are seeking other ways to view and understand what life is really about.  These fee-based programs, help support our rescued horses that willingly give of themselves to save us.


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Basic Horse Handling and Care


Saffyre Sanctuary designed a specialized equine educational course for spcaLA Disaster Animal Response Team (DART).  This program provides hands-on training in basic horse handling and care.  The focus for participants is on communicating calmness and compassion, while gaining confidence when working with the horses.  Participants also learn basic skills such as proper leading, tying, trailering, and general horse care.


Our goal for this course is to have it included in the curriculum of spcaLA's Animal Protection Services (APS) training courses approved by the State Humane Association of California


Ultimately we would like to have this program adopted by all state agencies so that owners can feel confident about the well being of their horses in times of emergency.