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Saffyre Sanctuary specializes in matching the right horse with the right person.  We look for adopters who wish to provide a permanent, lifetime home for a horse and, are accepting of that horse's limitations. Our wish is to ensure that a previously rescued horse never ends up in an unsavory situation again. So many horses need to be rescued, that if we can break the cycle of abandonment, neglect, and abuse, by providing these horses with new homes, and educating people about proper horse care, then together we can give these horses a second chance at a wonderful life. 


We prefer that the new owners keep the adopted horse for the remainder of its life but, if circumstances make that impossible, then we will always assist the owner in finding a safe and loving home for the horse.

(Note: adoption fees will only be returned within the first 10 days).  


Our horses are available for adoption to qualified homes only. Unless we already know you, we will ask for references from your farrier, veterinarian, or other qualified persons. We will do a site inspection to see where you will keep the horse. Wonderful people, who are willing to open their heart to a rescue horse, understand that rescue horses are special animals, and that some may have special needs.


Adoption approval will be based on your ability to provide the best home for the horse.  


Adoption fees vary per horse and help us continue our operations to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for other horses.


Adoption guidelines we provide are set by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) for general equine management and are required of all persons adopting an equine from Saffyre Sanctuary.  Click here to view these guidelines AWI/HSUS Guidelines.pdf. While not exhaustive, they offer basic parameters for responsible equine ownership.  In addition, any individual keeping equines must comply with all relevant state and local laws.


It is mandatory that you promise to love, spoil, care for, protect, cherish, and enjoy your adopted horse!



Adoption Fee $475.00
23 year old Arabian Gelding
Located in Sunland, CA

Jimmy is ready for his new forever home. He does trail and arena work, though he is not for a beginner, as he likes to go. He has plenty of loving years left in him and he’s healthy and sound. Though tall, he is lightly boned and would do best with a smaller sized person. After all, he has been through he deserves a wonderful person with a gentle disposition.


Available for Adoption


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